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The goal of Biomedicine is to use a variety of life science research approaches to benefit human health. Basic research feeds into translational research, which extends into clinical trials and medical applications. Prominent biomedical research areas in Dresden include immunology, metabolism, tumor biology, neuroscience, bone research, and germ-cell biology, and there is a special emphasis on stem- and progenitor-cell research. To address the great complexity of basic and disease-related mechanisms and factors, we use a wide range of tools, including high-end microscopy and other imaging and cell-sorting methods, sophisticated mouse manipulation including humanized animal models, iPS and other stem cell technologies, molecular approaches, and innovative screening technologies.

© Andreas Müller

Research Groups


Marius Ader

TUD CRTD Development of cell-based therapies for the treatment of retinopathies

Vasileia Ismini Alexaki

TUD Medical Campus Cell metabolic reprograming in metabolic and inflammatory disease

Hayder Amin

DZNE, TUD CRTD Biohybrid Neuroelectronics (BIONICS) Lab

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Darja Andreev

TUD CRTD Resolution of Inflammation and Tissue Regeneration

Michael Bachmann

HZDR Tumorimmunology

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Nadine Bernhardt

TUD Medical Campus Neurobiology of Psychiatric Disorders

Martin Bornhäuser

TUD Medical Campus Biology of adult stem cells: clinical relevance for leukemia and stem cell transplantation

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Stefan R. Bornstein

TUD Medical Campus Intercellular crosstalk in the endocrine system

Henrik Bringmann

TUD BIOTEC How to regenerate during sleep

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Oliver Bruns

TUD Medical Campus Functional Imaging in Surgical Oncology


Frank Buchholz

TUD Medical Campus Functional genomics & Genome Surgery

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Triantafyllos Chavakis

TUD Medical Campus Innate Immunity and Immunometabolism

Denis Corbeil

TUD BIOTEC Organization and Dynamics of Plasma Membrane Protrusions: From Cell Biology to Regenerative Therapy

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Ünal Coskun

TUD PLID Membrane Biochemistry of Cell Signaling

Natalie Dye

TUD PoL Biophysics of epithelial growth and tumorigenesis

© Stephan Wiegand

Ali El-Armouche

TUD MTZ Novel therapeutic approaches for the prevention of lethal arrhythmias and heart failure progression

Mohamed Elgendy

TUD Medical Campus Metabolic alterations in cancer

Björn Falkenburger

TUD Medical Campus, DZNE Cell biology of neurodegenerative diseases

© Frank Möller

Maria Fedorova

TUD Medical Campus Lipid Metabolism: Analysis and Integration


Anke Fuchs

TUD CRTD Development of Advanced Cellular Therapeutics

Hanno Glimm

TUD Medical Campus Translational Medical Oncology: Understanding and targeting alterations in cancer

© Simon Lämmle

Kaomei Guan

TUD MTZ Application of patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells in disease modelling

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Hani Harb

TUD Medical Campus Infectious Immunology

Lorenz Hofbauer

TUD Medical Campus Translational Bone Biology Research

© Stephan Wiegand

Rolf Jessberger

TUD MTZ Chromosome Dynamics and Hematopoietic Cell Biology

Lydia Kalafati

TUD Medical Campus Inflammation-mediated Regulation of Myelopoiesis


Mike Karl

DZNE, TUD CRTD Unraveling mechanisms of neuronal degeneration and regeneration in the retina

Jakob Nikolas Kather

TUD Medical Campus, TUD Computer Science Clinical Artificial Intelligence


Gerd Kempermann

DZNE, TUD CRTD Adult neurogenesis

Franziska Knopf

TUD CRTD Biology of bone regeneration


Karsten Kretschmer

TUD CRTD Molecular and Cellular Immunology/Focus Immune Regulation

Min Ae Lee-Kirsch

TUD Medical Campus Molecular genetics of autoinflammatory and autoimmune diseases

Dirk Lindemann

TUD MTZ Molecular and cell biology of retrovirus-host cell interactions – Development and application of retroviral gene transfer and drug screening systems

Andreas Linkermann

TUD Medical Campus Cell Death

Barbara Ludwig

TUD Medical Campus, TUD PLID Development of novel therapeutic options for diabetes mellitus type 1

Henning Morawietz

TUD Medical Campus Endothelium and cardiovascular diseases


Nikolay Ninov

TUD CRTD, TUD PLID In vivo regeneration of β-cells as a future therapy for T1D

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Nikolaos Perakakis

TUD PLID Mechanisms controlling energy homeostasis in health and in metabolic diseases

Anna Poetsch

TUD BIOTEC Biomedical Genomics

Martina Rauner

TUD Medical Campus Cell and molecular principles of integrative bone biology

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Natalia Rodríguez Muela

DZNE, TUD CRTD Selective neuronal vulnerability in neurodegenerative diseases

Shervin Safavi

TUD Medical Campus Computational Machinery of Cognition

Mirko Schmidt

TUD Medical Campus Understanding the brain and curing its diseases

Bernd Schröder

TUD MTZ Proteolytic control of membrane trafficking and signal transduction

Michael Sieweke

TUD CRTD Stem Cell and Macrophage Biology

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Michele Solimena

TUD PLID Cell Biology of Pancreatic Beta Cells and Pathogenesis of Diabetes


Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Stephan Speier

TUD PLID Islet of Langerhans Physiology in the Pathogenesis and Therapy of Diabetes

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Charlotte Steenblock

TUD Medical Campus Adrenal stem cells and their role in stress


Jared Sterneckert

TUD CRTD iPS Cells and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Achim Temme

TUD Medical Campus Tumor-Targeting Nanoparticles, Natural Killer Cell Biology & Immunotherapy

Ben Wielockx

TUD Medical Campus Hypoxia pathway proteins in health and disease

Alexander Wurm

TUD Medical Campus The interplay between non-coding RNAs and the epigenome – a map for precision oncology?