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Internship Offers 2021

Group (Institute) Research Area
Project Title(s)
Duration in weeks Student Background
Simon Alberti (TUD BIOTEC) Biochemistry, Biophysics, Cell Biology
Studying condensate assembly by disease-causing RNA-binding proteins
12 Life Science
Hayder Amin (DZNE) Mathematics, Neurocomputation, Bioengineering, and Network Electophysiology
Collective stability of network-wide activity by Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity
12 Computer Science, Mathematics and/or Bioengineering, or similar fields. Fluency in coding with Python or equivalent is essential.
Olaf Bergmann (TUD CRTD) Cardiovascular Research
Characterization and regulation of mammalian heart regeneration
12 Life Science, Medicine
Martin Bornhäuser (TUD Medical Campus) Immunology, Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Induction of T cell senescence in the leukemic microenvironment
10 Life Sciences, Medicine
Henrik Bringmann (TUD BIOTEC) Molecular Medicine, Molecular Physiology, Molecular Biology, Molecular Neuroscience, Aging research, Genetics, Genomics
  1. Rhythmic biochemistry controlled by sleep
  2. Aging signaling pathways controlled by sleep
12 Life Science, Computer Science, or Medicine
Christian Dahmann (TUD Biology/TUD PoL) Developmental Biology
How embryos take shape: from genes to cell mechanics
8–12 Life Sciences
Alexander Dalpke (TUD Medical Campus) Biomedicine
The role of intracellular TLR signaling on immune metabolism rewiring during bacterial infection
12 Life Sciences or Medicine
Natalie Dye (TUD PoL) Cell and Developmental Biology, Biophysics, Biomedicine, Cancer Biology
Self-organization in animal morphogenesis: how morphology emerges from dynamic cellular interactions
12 Life Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, or Medicine
Björn Falkenburger (TUD Medical Campus) Translational Neuroscience, Parkinson’s Disease
Can fasting reduce the load of synuclein aggregates in mice?
12 Life Sciences, Medicine
Anthony Gavalas (TUD PLID) Stem Cells, Developmental Biology, Diabetes, Cancer
Metabolic programming of pancreas progenitors in differentiation and cancer development
12 Life Sciences, Medicine
Elisha Krieg (IPF) Biomolecular Engineering
A DNA-origami nanodevice for high-performance gene editing
12 Life Sciences
Felix Müller-Planitz (TUD MTZ) Chromatin Biology, Molecular Biology
  1. Epigenetic changes during yeast aging
  2. Impact of nucleosome remodeling for the function of the cell
10–12 Life Sciences
James Sáenz (TUD B CUBE) Synthetic biology, membrane biophysics, lipidomics, microbiology, host-pathogen interactions
Exploring the minimal design principles of living membranes
12 Life Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, or Medicine
Bernd Schröder (TUD MTZ) Biochemistry, Cell Biology
Determinants of substrate specificity of SPP/SPPL intramembrane proteases [→ Info PDF]
12 Life Sciences
Tomohisa Toda (DZNE) Neuroscience, Stem Cell Biology
Aging and rejuvenation of adult hippocampal neurogenesis
12 Life Science, especially Neuroscience or Developmental Biology
Attila Tóth (TUD MTZ) Genetics, Protein Biology
Secret of safe sex: chromosomal protein interactions that safeguard meiotic recombination
12 Life Sciences and/or Computer Science