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Internship Positions 2023

Group (Institute) Research Area
Project Title(s)
Duration in weeks Student Background
Hayder Amin (DZNE) Mathematics, neurocomputation, bioengineering, network electrophysiology
Computational properties of rates and rhythms in large-scale neuronal networks
12 Computer science, mathematics and/or bioengineering, or similar fields. Fluency in coding with Python or equivalent is essential.
Michael Brand (TUD CRTD) Regenerative biology
Molecular control of CNS/retina regeneration in zebrafish
8–12 Life science (biology), or medicine
Henrik Bringmann (TUD BIOTEC) Neurobiology, neuroscience
How the nervous system regulates sleep through a single neuron in the nematode C. elegans
12 Life Science, computer science, physics
Natalie Dye (TUD PoL) Biology, cancer, biophysics
Biophysical mechanisms guiding epithelial growth and morphogenesis
12 Life science, computer science, physics
Björn Falkenburger (TUD Medical Campus) Neuroscience
Characterisation of an innovative cellular model to study protein aggregate maturation and clearance
8–12 Life science or medicine
Felix Müller-Planitz (TUD MTZ) Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
What do ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling enzymes do and how do they work?
12 Life science
James Sáenz (TUD B CUBE) Synthetic biology, membrane biophysics, lipidomics, microbiology, host-pathogen interactions
Exploring the minimal design principles of living membranes
12 Life science, engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics, or medicine
Bernd Schröder (TUD MTZ) Cell biology
Structure-function analysis of protein-protein interactions and protease-substrate pairs [→ Info PDF]
12 Life science
Attila Tóth (TUD MTZ) Genetics and protein biology
Secret of safe sex: analysis of the spatiotemporal control and mechanism of meiotic recombination
12 Life science and/or computation