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Lipid Metabolism: from Biochemistry to Clinical Translations

DIGS-BB Summer School
9–13 May 2022
TU Dresden (Germany)

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COST Action EpiLipidNET and the DIGS-BB are happy to announce the Summer School Lipid Metabolism: from Biochemistry to Clinical Translations. The school will provide insights into the overarching role of lipids in metabolism, health and disease by covering lipid biochemistry, cell biology, biomedical significance and clinical transitions. A number of excellent speakers from all over the world will provide lectures and tutorials on organization of biological membranes, lipid metabolism, lipid-protein interactions, as well as pathologies associated with dysfunctional lipid metabolism in metabolic diseases and cancer.

For PhD students and postdoctoral researchers a dedicated hands-on session will be provided, covering state-of-the-art technologies and methods to study lipidome and epilipidome diversity, lipid trafficking and lipid-protein interactions.

For attending Master students, as an important aspect of career development, we will organize a series of workshops, round-table discussions and “sofa chats” with well-established scientists, clinicians and investigators to discuss everyday aspects of academic career.

We will be able to host up to 30 participants at the different levels of scientific career (10 Master student, 10 PhD students and 10 postdoctoral researchers) on an all-inclusive basis (travel and accommodation will be covered).

To apply for the school use our online application system. You will be asked to provide:

  • motivation letter for your participation in the school (why did you chose to apply, what is your expected gain, your own input – max 500 words)
  • short up-to-date CV with list of publications (if any)
  • title and abstract (max 250 words) of your flash-presentation
  • for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers: please select your 1st and the 2nd choice of hands-on sessions you would like to participate, and motivate your choice (max 250 words)
  • for Master students: please select one of the three Lab Tutorials you would like to participate in

Please note: only trainees from COST members countries, European RTD organizations and NNC countries are eligible to receive the financial support.

COVID-19: Please note that this is a 2G+ event (access only for people who are vaccinated or recovered, additionally you need to do a Corona self test on premise) and  be aware of the current COVID-19 regulations for TU Dresden.


Registration is closed
Registration deadline was 25 March 2022

Notification of acceptance
15 April 2022


Portrait Vasileia Ismini Alexaki

Vasileia Ismini Alexaki

TUD Medical Faculty

Lipid metabolism connects meta-inflammation with endocrine dysregulation

read more

Portrait Alexia Belavgeni

Alexia Belavgeni

TUD Medical Faculty

Regulated cell death in the adrenal glands and the kidney

read more

Portrait Marko Brankatschk

Marko Brankatschk


Tasty Fats

read more

Ünal Coskun


Regulation of receptor signalling by lipid-protein interactions

read more

Mohamed Elgendy

TUD Medical Faculty

Turnning off Cancer Energetics

Maria Fedorova

TUD Medical Faculty

Epilipidomics regulation in inflammation and metabolic disorders

read more

Portrait Laura Goracci

Laura Goracci

University of Perugia, Italy

Developing tools for lipid metabolism analysis: challenges and solutions

read more

Portrait Rahul Grover

Rahul Grover


Membrane and Motors: Novel platform to study intracellular trafficking

Jochen Hampe

TUD Medical Faculty

Liver fibrosis as a lipid signalling disorder

read more

Portrait Helena Jambor

Helena Klara Jambor

Mildred Scheel Early Career Center, TUD Medical Campus

How now to lie with charts – a tutorial for better data figures

read more

Portrait Noemi Jiménez-Rojo

Noemi Jiménez-Rojo

University of Geneva & University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)

Sphingolipids in Cell and Membrane Biology

read more

Portrait Lydia Kalafati

Lydia Kalafati

TUD Medical Faculty

Innate immune training of Granulopoiesis: A novel tool in cancer immunotherapy

read more

Portrait Ondrej Kuda

Ondrej Kuda

Institute of Physiology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Metabolic tracer analysis in mice – lipid perspective

read more

André Nadler


Visualizing lipid transport

read more

Portrait Valerie O’Donnell

Valerie O’Donnell

School of Medicine, Cardiff University, UK

Oxylipin removal as a mechanism to dampen signaling in inflammation

read more

Portrait Toni Petan

Toni Petan

Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Lipid droplets – managing fat to fight stress

read more

James Sáenz


From ancient lipids to synthetic life

read more

Dr. Arantxa Sánchez Fernández

Arantxa Sánchez Fernández


Introduction to the DIGS-BB

Portrait Erdinc Sezgin

Erdinc Sezgin

Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Understanding biomembranes with biophysical tools

read more

Andrej Shevchenko


Shotgun lipidomics: technology, software and applications

read more

Kai Simons

Lipotype GmbH, Dresden

From lipid rafts to lipidomics

Portrait Rajat Singh

Rajat Singh

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York City, NY, USA

Integrative regulation of lipid metabolism via autophagy

read more

Portrait Pallavi Subramanian

Pallavi Subramanian

TUD Medical Faculty

Role of lipid mediators in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

read more

Portrait Federico Torta

Federico Torta

Life Sciences Institute, National University of Singapore

Lipidomics in human cohorts

read more


The program contained

  • lectures by renowned speakers
  • hands-on sessions (for PhD students and postdocs)
  • flash presentations by participants
  • Introduction to Dresden Campus, CMCB Technology Platform, and DIGS-BB (for Master students)
  • social events



Portrait Maria Fedorova

Maria Fedorova

TUD Medical Campus

Portrait Ünal Coskun

Ünal Coskun


Portrait Wilasinee

Wilasinee Chainonthee

DIGS-BB – Coordinator for Summer Schools and Grant Applications

Portrait Arantxa

Arantxa Sánchez Fernández

DIGS-BB – Chief Coordinator of PhD Program


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