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Biomedical Summer School 2021

Sept 21–23, 2021

Joint Summer School by DIGS-BB and MSNZ on
Metabolism, Neuroscience, Tissue Engineering, and Precision Oncology

© Drawing: Priyanka Oberoi


You are excited about working in biomedicine and you like tinkering in the lab? You care about patient treatment, but you also love reading science news? Can’t decide whether your path is in the clinic or the lab? Why not both!

Get to know the flourishing Dresden biomedical landscape in Sofa Seminar style. Join the Biomedical Summer School Dresden and find out how scientists do biomedical research in Dresden, how clinicians do research and how both work hand-in-hand.

Our 3-day schedule is packed with science and fun from four strong areas present at Dresden campus: metabolism, precision oncology, neuroscience, and tissue engineering. We have talks providing insights in diverse topics, from childhood leukemia to stem cell therapy, from fasting mice to xenografts of insulin producing cells. Meet Dresden’s leading scientists in a relaxed setting and ask any question in the Sofa Chats. Learn some basic skills to survive as a scientist, from visual presentation of data to giving a stellar talk. And, speak with experts about your path into sciences – as academic, as clinician, or as clinician scientist – in the coffee break sessions. Each day is filled with social activities to allow you to meet each other in a friendly atmosphere.

We look forward to meeting you in Dresden – online!

Drawing for Biomedical Summer School © Priyanka Oberoi


21 Sep – Metabolism and Physiology of Disease

Science Session: Mohamed Elgendy

TUD Medical Campus

Science Session: Barbara Ludwig

TUD Medical Campus, TUD PLID

© Frank Möller

Science Session: Maria Fedorova

TUD Medical Campus


Skill Session: Ezio Bonifacio


Career Session: Arantxa Sánchez


22 Sep – Neuroscience and Tissue Engineering

Science Session: Anna Taubenberger


Science Session: Catherina G. Becker



Science Session: Maximina Yun


Skill Session: Helena Jambor

Mildred Scheel Early Career Center, TUD Medical Campus

Career Session: Franziska Knopf


23 Sep – Precision Oncology

Science Session: Martin Bornhäuser

TUD Medical Campus

Science Session: Julia Hauer

TUD Medical Campus

Science Session: Jovan Mircetic

TUD Medical Campus

Skill Session: Lisa Dennison

Science Sketches

Science Sketches


Tue 21 Sep

Opening: Welcome, technique advice and organisation
Science session: Metabolism and physiology of disease
Skill development and how-to session: How to give a good talk
Career Live: How to become a PhD student + Q&A Apply to DIGS-BB

Wed 22 Sep

Science Session: Neuroscience and tissue engineering
Skill development and how-to session: How not to lie with charts
Career Live: Q&A Academic Careers in Germany

Thu 23 Sep

Science Session: Precision oncology
Skill development and how-to session: How to create an engaging video about science
Career Live: How to combine clinic in research + Q&A with clinician scientists in Dresden
Closing: Organizers


Portrait Helena Jambor

Helena Jambor

MSNZ, Scientific Coordinator

Portrait Peggy Jungke

Peggy Jungke

MSNZ, Scientific Coordinator

Portrait Arantxa

Arantxa Sánchez Fernández

DIGS-BB, PhD Program Coordinator

Portrait Wilasinee

Wilasinee Chainonthee

DIGS-BB, Coordinator for Summer Schools and Grant Applications