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If you’re looking for a PhD position in a Life Science research group you’ve certainly come to the right place! You might want to scan the full list of research groups affiliated to our program and use the provided filters to find those that exactly match your interests.

As a DIGS-BB PhD student you will not only be part of exciting research, but you’ll also profit from

Curious? Find out about the requirements you need to meet and how to apply. And once you have enough information follow the link to the online application in the column on the right-hand side (There are no columns? Then you’re visiting this site on a small device: please scroll down to see the dates).

New application/admission procedure

Since November 2021 we have been running a test phase for a new application/admission procedure for PhD positions offered through our program. You will now be able to apply at any time throughout the year. Your application will be evaluated formally by our experts and academically by members of our faculty within 4–8 weeks from the day of submission. If your application was evaluated positively you will be invited to a video interview with an admission committee. Passing the admission committee means you qualify for one-to-one interviews with group leaders, and therefore, to enter our PhD program upon finding a hosting group for your PhD. Candidates who passed the admission committee but don’t immediately find a hosting group for their PhD will be given the opportunity to find a suitable project and lab within up to six months.

Previously we ran two application rounds a year, in Spring and in Fall. They had a strict application deadline, and a fixed schedule for the video interviews with admission committees and an Interview Week for all eligible candidates in which the individual interviews with group leaders took place. At the end of that week positions would be offered.

The new application/admission procedure offers PhD candidates and group leaders a faster procedure with more opportunities and flexibility to start a PhD in our program.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

PhD Application

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