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Preliminary Project Titles

This is a list of potential projects our group leaders are offering in the Fall Selection 2020. Please also check the list of participating group leaders.

Group Leader Open Projects Preferred Course of Study/Expertise of Candidate
Michael Bachmann

Engineered T cells for personalized cancer therapy

Biology, Biotechnology, Biomedicine more information on Michael Bachmann
Martin Bornhäuser

Role of lnc-RNAs in the leukemogenesis in acute myeloid leukemia

Cell Biology more information on Martin Bornhäuser
Stefan R. Bornstein

Characterization of stem cells of the HPA axis in metabolic disease

Molecular Biology more information on Stefan R. Bornstein
Ünal Coskun

Structure and function of the Insulin Receptor in membranes

Biochemistry, Biophysics, Structure Bio more information on Ünal Coskun
Stefan Diez

Control of bidirectional, vesicular transport systems

Biophysics, Biochemistry, Biology more information on Stefan Diez
Natalie Dye

Biophysical analysis of heterogeneity in human gastric cancer

Physics, Cancer Biology, Cell Biology more information on Natalie Dye
Mohamed Elgendy

The role of tumor metabolism in metastasis

General molecular and cellular biology techniques, tissue culture, etc. Some experience with mouse work is advantageous but not a must. more information on Mohamed Elgendy
The role of tumor metabolism in drug resistance (same as above)
Karim Fahmy

Investigation of structure and stability of DNA-origami for nanoscience

more information on Karim Fahmy
Anke Fuchs

Clinical translation of antigen-targeted regulatory T cells as therapeutic option for graft-versus-host disease

Cell biology, Immunology, Hematology more information on Anke Fuchs
Tatyana Grinenko

Impact of inflammation on induction of hematological malignancy

Cell Biology, Immunology more information on Tatyana Grinenko
Henning Morawietz

Exercise prevents impact of gestational diabetes mellitus on fetal endothelial function

Master of Science, Expertise in Life Science, Biomedical Research more information on Henning Morawietz
Felix Müller-Planitz

The mechanism and structures of chromatin remodeling enzymes

Protein Biochemistry, Fluorescence, Cryo-EM more information on Felix Müller-Planitz
The biogenesis of chromatin studied by long-read, single-molecule sequencing Molecular Biology, Genomics, R
Anna Poetsch

Genome specificity of mutagenesis

Computational Biology, Machine Learning more information on Anna Poetsch
Yael Politi

Cuticle formation – live imaging of epidermal cells

Advanced light microscopy techniques more information on Yael Politi
Micro-architecture of spider mechno-sensors Biophysics/Polymer Science/Material Science
Tilman Rachner

Dickkopf-1 as target in precision oncology

more information on Tilman Rachner
Mirko Schmidt

Molecular signaling in malignant brain tumors

Life Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology more information on Mirko Schmidt
Michele Solimena

Insulin granule microtubule-mediated transport in vitro

Biochemistry, Super Resolution Microscopy, Biophysics, Cell Biology more information on Michele Solimena
Structural resolution of age-distinct insulin granules by cryo-EM Electron Microscopy, Structural Biology, Cell Biology
Stephan Speier

Study of human pancreas pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes in living donor tissue

Biomedicine, Physiology, Cell Biology more information on Stephan Speier
In vivo cell physiology of tailored human iPSC derived islets for diabetes cell therapy Biomedicine, Physiology, Cell Biology
Anna Taubenberger

Studying mechanical aspects in cancer progression

Bioengineering more information on Anna Taubenberger