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DIGS-BB Student Representatives

The DIGS-BB student representatives act on behalf of the PhD students as a direct link between the program administration and the students to improve working and studying conditions within the PhD program. They are members in relevant PhD program boards and are also in charge of organizing some of the PhD student-driven activities. DIGS-BB student representatives are elected by the PhD students twice a year.

The current DIGS-BB student representatives are:

Mario Aguilar

Predoc 2021/22

TUD BIOTEC, Anna Poetsch Group

Aiyan Hu

Predoc 2020/21

TUD Medical Campus, Schmidt Group

Aiyan on being a DIGS-BB StudRep

As a second-year PhD candidate, I am quite impressed with what our student representatives have done, and they make so many both scientific and fun activities available for us even during the COVID epidemic period. Thus I would love to get more involved in those activities and arrangements together with others to provide more peer support for our predocs. All prospective PhD students are also warmly welcome to drop me an email with any questions.

Aiyan on being a DIGS-BB StudRep

Manthan Raj

Predoc 2021/22

TUD PoL, Marcus Jahnel Group

Rodrigo Ramos Acevedo

Predoc 2021

TUD CRTD, Karl Group