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DIGS-BB Student Representatives

The DIGS-BB student representatives act on behalf of the PhD students as a direct link between the program administration and the students to improve working and studying conditions within the PhD program. They are members in relevant PhD program boards and are also in charge of organizing some of the PhD student-driven activities. DIGS-BB student representatives are elected by the PhD students twice a year.

The current DIGS-BB student representatives are:

Clara Munz

Predoc 2018/19

MTZ, Roers Group

Kavitha Krishnakumar

Predoc 2020/21

TUD CRTD, Fuchs Group

Kavitha on being a DIGS-BB StudRep

I am grateful to be able to represent the students of the DIGS-BB community, communicate their views and help them stay aware of their student rights. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to interact and learn from people in our international student community. I also hope to be a part of a team where we can organise group activities for the students in a safe manner during the ongoing pandemic.

Kavitha on being a DIGS-BB StudRep

Mehul Patel

Predoc 2019

TUD MTZ, Schröder Group

Sonali Salvi

Predoc 2019

TUD CRTD, Calegari Group

Sonali on being a DIGS-BB StudRep

A major reason that motivated me to want to be a Student Representative is that I would really like to be a part of a team that focuses on the well being of the student community, both personally and career-wise. I believe there is always a need of such a committee, especially in academia. I am also motivated to challenge and push myself to face new tasks and learn important skills.

Sonali on being a DIGS-BB StudRep

Tanaya Deb Mallik

Predoc 2019/20

TUD MTZ, Jessberger Group