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PhD Student-Driven Activities

PhD students at the DIGS-BB are very energetic, ambitious, and enterprising outside their thesis work. The DIGS-BB acknowledges these qualities and fosters them through student-driven activities.

Student-driven activities are a component of the common curriculum of the Dresden International PhD Program (DIPP) and are jointly organized by PhD students of the two graduate schools under its umbrella: the DIGS-BB and the IMPRS.

Science goes to school

Once a month, a multicultural group of PhD students from the Dresden International PhD Program (DIPP) together with the School Project coordinator visit an 8th to 12th grade school in the Dresden area. The aim is to bring students closer to science, to ignite their curiosity about this discipline and to develop a culture of tolerance and respect for people from different cultural backgrounds. Children are introduced to different types of experimental work, engage in science discussions, gain insights into different career models and learn about how foreigners experience living in Dresden. The workshops are held in English.

Ask the Expert

This initiative has been created to allow PhD students to meet scientists, facility leaders and other experts on the campus to discuss life and careers in science. The event takes place in a relaxed setting twice a year, and a different topic is discussed  each time (e.g. Science in Academia, Family and Science, A career in a core facility)

Career Day

The already traditional 2-day Career Symposium is organized every year to explore the wide range of career opportunities available after graduation. The event, open to all young scientists on campus, has become a highly anticipated occasion to interact with fantastic speakers from various scientifically relevant fields.