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Bioengineering & Biomaterials

Bioengineering is the application of principles and techniques from engineering and biology to develop innovative solutions for healthcare, biotechnology, and related fields. Biomaterials science involves the study of materials designed to interact with biological systems, often for medical applications, aiming to understand their properties and enhance their compatibility and performance within living organisms. Dresden is renowned for its significant contributions to the fields of bioengineering and biomaterials science in areas such as tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and the development of novel biomaterials, fostering collaborations between biologists, physicists, chemists, engineers and medical researchers to advance cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, in Dresden we focus on innovative approaches (i) to create functional interfaces between biological systems and synthetic materials, (ii) to design, generate and utilize bio-inspired materials, and (iii) develop and apply molecular as well as cellular machines for nanotechnological applications. Our tools to characterize and engineer such systems across multiple scales include single-molecule imaging and manipulation tools, cutting-edge technologies for the micro/nano structuring of organic/inorganic materials, and a wide range of biomolecular synthesis techniques.

16 Research Groups

Hayder Amin

DZNE, TUD CRTD Biohybrid Neuroelectronics (BIONICS) Lab

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Oliver Bruns

TUD Medical Campus Functional Imaging in Surgical Oncology

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Stefan Diez

TUD B CUBE, TUD PoL Molecular transport in cell biology and nanotechnology

© TUD CMCB, Magdalena Gonciarz

Adele Doyle

TUD PoL Mechanobiology of Stem Cells

Elisha Krieg

IPF DNA Nanotechnology: building programmable materials and nanometer-scale devices

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Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Nils Kröger

TUD B CUBE, TUD PoL Biomineralization, Bioadhesion, Nano-Biotechnology

Ivan Minev

IPF, TUD Medical Campus Building interfaces between biological systems and machines

M. Teresa Pisabarro

TUD BIOTEC Computational approaches to functional genomics and rational engineering for target/drug discovery and biotechnology innovation

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Yael Politi

TUD B CUBE Chitin based biological materials and biomineralization


James Sáenz

TUD B CUBE Synthetic Membrane Biology

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Michael Schlierf

TUD B CUBE, TUD PoL Conformational changes in biomolecules and enzymes

Brigitte Voit

IPF, TUD Chemistry Synthesis and characterization of functionalized polymers; glycodendrimers and bioconjugates for therapeutics, cellular mimics

Carsten Werner

IPF, TUD PoL Biofunctional polymer materials


Yixin Zhang

TUD B CUBE Drug design and screening: from biochemical methods to 3D model system


Igor Zlotnikov

TUD B CUBE Thermodynamic and Nanomechanical aspects of Biomineralized Tissue Formation