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Bioengineering and Biomaterials

Bioengineering is the application of life science, physical science, mathematics and engineering principles to define and solve problems in biology, medicine, the environment, materials and other fields. In Dresden we focus on the application of nanotechnological tools to broaden our understanding of biology and medicine, as well as using the wide variety of molecular functions provided by nature’s “nanomachines” as a basis for an innovative nanobiotechnology. The tools we use to characterize and engineer molecular-scale systems include single-molecule imaging and manipulation tools, cutting-edge technologies for the micro/nano structuring of organic/inorganic materials, and a wide range of biomolecular synthesis techniques.

Image © Nils Kröger Group

Research Groups

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Hayder Amin Group

DZNE, TUD CRTD Plasticity Models for Aging and Neurodegeneration


Volker Busskamp Group

TUD CRTD Engineering synthetic human neuronal circuits

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Stefan Diez Group

TUD B CUBE, TUD PoL Molecular transport in cell biology and nanotechnology


Nils Kröger Group

TUD B CUBE, TUD PoL From Molecular Mechanisms of Biomineralization and Bioadhesion to Applications in Nanobiotechnology


Ivan Minev Group

TUD BIOTEC Electronic Tissue Technologies for Repair of the Nervous System

Christoph Neinhuis Group

TUD Biology Biologically inspired materials research, especially plant based fiber reinforced materials and their application in engineering

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Klaus Reinhardt Group

TUD Biology Biology of Sperm and Mitochondrial-Nuclear Interactions


James Sáenz Group

TUD B CUBE Synthetic Membrane Biology

Michael Schlierf Group

TUD B CUBE, TUD PoL Conformational changes in biomolecules and enzymes

Brigitte Voit Group

IPF Synthesis and characterization of functionalized polymers


Carsten Werner Group

IPF, TUD PoL Biofunctional polymer materials


Yixin Zhang Group

TUD B CUBE Drug design and screening: from biochemical methods to 3D model system


Igor Zlotnikov Group

TUD B CUBE Thermodynamic and Nanomechanical aspects of Biomineralized Tissue Formation