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Career Day 2023

June 2nd, TUD CRTD

Dear Predocs and Postdocs community, 

We’re delighted to invite you to our Multi-Institute Career Day. Jointly organised by DIGS-BB, PoL, CMCB, IMPRS-CellDevoSys, and MPI-CBG, we’re inviting all members of our communities to come together for a full day of talks, discussions and visits from industry members. We aim to provide our communities with good overview of career options for academic backgrounds. This whole-day event features:

  • Talks from a variety of alumni that built their careers in different fields
  • Round tables discussions with experts who can give you good advice
  • Lunch
  • Company fair, visits from industry members (tbc)
  • A chance to meet your colleagues from other institutes, and practice networking

This is a very inclusive event! We are happy to welcome everyone, be you a 1st year PhD student, an advanced postdoc, or something else! No matter what stage you are in the process of shaping your future, gathering information will always help.

Register for free – but remember that places are limited!


Registration is free of charge, but places are limited!

Register now!

Registration open until 18 May 2023


08:30–09:00 Registration and Welcome session
09:00–09:30 Keynote Speaker: Seher Abbas
09:30–10:30 Academia Speakers
Otger Campàs
Maria Fedorova
Dora Tang
Thorsten Mascher
10:30–11:00 Career fair and networking with coffee and tea
11:00–12:00 Industry Speakers – Session I
Andrea Leibfried: Supporting science – from bench to management
Christian Kuttner: Life as an Editor in the Nature Portfolio
Sandy R. Westermann: The Art of Scientific Illustration: How I Turned My Passion Into a Career
12:00–14:00 Lunch & Career Fair
14:00–15:20 Industry Speakers – Session II
Vinzenz Lange: Solving challenges in science and technology: my path from academia to the DKMS Life Science Lab
Anne Heninger: tba
Tobias Heckel: My journey in the Diagnostic & Pharma Industry – insights into Product Development focused Research
Anne Wuttke: From Science to Innovation OR Is the grass greener on the other side?
15:20–16:00 Career fair and networking with coffee and tea
16:00–17:00 Industry Speakers – Session III
Helena Klara Jambor: Moonlighting around academia – a life of fun, fiction, and failures
Thorsten Baust: From Dresden to Harvard to Vienna: My Journey from Academia to Industry with Boehringer Ingelheim
Yu-Wen Hsieh: “Equipping” for Stepping into Biotech/Pharma Consulting Realm
17:00–19:00 Networking session with drinks and snacks


Portrait Thorsten Baust

Thorsten Baust

Head of Process Science Biopharma Austria at Boehringer Ingelheim

Industry Panel


Portrait Otger Campàs

Otger Campàs

Chair of Tissue Dynamics at TUD PoL

Academic Panel


Portrait Maria Fedorova

Maria Fedorova

Research Group Leader at University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine Carl Gustav Carus of TU Dresden

Academic Panel


Portrait Tobias Heckel

Tobias Heckel

Team Lead OMICs Biomarker, Siemens Healthineers

Industry Panel


Portrait Anne Heninger

Anne Heninger

Co-Founder and CEO of Seamless Therapeutics GmbH

Industry Panel


Portrait Yu-Wen Hsieh

Yu-Wen Hsieh

Consultant at Catenion

Industry Panel


Portrait Helena Jambor

Helena Jambor

Data visualisation scientist

Industry Panel


Portrait Christian Kuttner

Christian Kuttner

Associate Editor at Nature Communications

Industry Panel


Portrait Vinzenz Lange

Vinzenz Lange

CTO of DKMS Life Science Lab

Industry Panel


Portrait Andrea Leibfried

Andrea Leibfried

Administrative Director at Health + Life Science Alliance Heidelberg Mannheim

Industry Panel


Portrait Thorsten Mascher

Thorsten Mascher

Chair of Microbiology at TU Dresden

Academic Panel


An image of a person looking into a colourful night sky

Seher Abbas

International Career Coach


Portrait Dora Tang

Dora Tang

Research Group Leader at MPI-CBG

Academic Panel


Portrait Sandy Westermann

Sandy R. Westermann

Scientific Illustrator

Industry Panel


Portrait Anne Wuttke

Anne Wuttke

Innovation Manager Bio-Med, Carl Zeiss AG

Industry Panel



Predocs and Postdocs

  • Sonali Salvi (TUD/CMCB)
  • Leyre Villar (UKDD)
  • Stephen Enos (TUD/CMCB)
  • Venkat Krishnaswamy (MPI-CBG)
  • Irene Seijo (MPI-CBG)
  • Jakub Rzeszotko (MPI-CBG)
  • Hendrik Sikkema (MPI-CBG)
  • Ilka Reichardt-Gómez (MPI-CBG)


  • Arantxa Sánchez Fernández (DIGS-BB)
  • Nicole Poulsen (TUD/CMCB)
  • Cassandra Visconti (MPI-CBG/IMPRS)
  • Reni Schimmel (MPI-CBG/IMPRS)
  • Angela Jacobi (PoL)
  • Ilona Kreher (PoL)