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Introductory Predoc Course

The Introductory Predoc Course exposes our PhD students to the current research questions, methodologies and approaches that are available within the different groups belonging to the DIPP program. It is a multidisciplinary course that promotes thinking beyond individual research fields and encourages students to break down the interdisciplinary barriers through interaction and cooperation.

Each PhD student is required to select four one-week practicals, with

  1. at least one practical belonging to the field the PhD student is affiliated to, and
  2. at least one that is offered by another field.

Each practical includes an introduction to the topic, practical work and tutorials. At the end of the course the students are required to submit a protocol to be evaluated by the corresponding group leader offering the practical.

Examples of practicals offered in previous Predoc Courses

Cell and Developmental Biology

Yeast // Drosophila // Mouse // Zebrafish // Planaria // Cell Fare Determination // Membrane Traffic // Cell Polarity // 3D EM // Stem Cell Techniques // Meiosis


Neurobiology // RNA/DNA // Endothelial Biology // Immunology // iPS Cells // BM Hematology // Stem Cells // Bone Biology // Membrane Biochemistry // Diabetology // Virology

Regenerative Biology

Regeneration // Degeneration // Developmental Genetics

Biophysics and Biomaterials

Physical Biology // Single Molecule Biophysics // Theoretical Biophysics // RNA World // Cell Biophysics // Molecular Spectrometry // Stochastic Phenomena // Electronics // Biomaterials

Computational Biology

Pattern Formation // Machine Learning // Bioinformatics // Programming

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