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DIGS-BB Awards & Career Development

DIGS-BB Fellow Award

The DIGS-BB Fellow Award honours outstanding achievements of DIGS-BB PhD students after the 1st year of thesis. The award is granted on a competitive basis and requires the nomination of the PhD student by the TAC. It includes a predoctoral position intended for the duration of the thesis and thus up to 4 years after starting the thesis as a maximum.

DIGS-BB Travel Award

The DIGS-BB travel award supports the presentation (poster or talk) of outstanding work by PhD students at scientific conferences. All DIGS-BB PhD students who have completed their first year of thesis are eligible to apply. The award is intended to cover expenses relating to travel, accommodation and conference registration. Financial support is awarded on a competitive basis.

DIGS-BB Training Award

The aim of the DIGS-BB Training award is to support further training of PhD students in areas relevant to their work through participation in international training workshops, courses, winter, spring or summer schools. All DIGS-BB PhD students at any stage of their PhD are eligible to apply. Financial support is awarded on a competitive basis.

Springboard-to-Postdoc Program

The Springboard-to-Postdoc Program is an opportunity for DIGS-BB PhD students to benefit from a transition period between completing their PhD and securing a postdoctoral position in a world-class research group elsewhere. The program is a great opportunity to take knowledge and scientific findings from a student’s PhD and apply them to a new research field. The program offers financial support to join a DIPP research group, partner or alumni lab for up to 1 year following successful thesis defence. Financial support is awarded on a competitive basis.

Wrap-Up Program

The DIGS-BB Wrap-Up Program offers financial support for up to one year after submission of the thesis to finalize a publication as 1st author in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and as such, increase the opportunities of securing a postdoctoral position elsewhere.  Training opportunities offered by the DIPP, in particular those that are relevant for future career steps, are open to wrapping-up postdocs.