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Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology

Within the program on Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology, we want to understand the nuts and bolts of how cells work and get together to generate complex tissues. The Dresden campus has a strong core of basic scientists working on a number of different model organisms including fly, fish, newt and mouse. Here, molecular and cellular approaches are integrated with evolutionary and developmental cell biology to understand how the differentiation of stem cells and the behavior of their progeny function to build a complete body. The insights obtained within this research area feed extensively into other programs in Dresden – particularly Regenerative Biology and Biomedicine – to facilitate applied and translational science.

© Federico Calegari Group

Research Groups


Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Mareike Albert

TUD CRTD Gene regulatory mechanisms of neocortex evolution

© Katrin Boes

Simon Alberti

TUD BIOTEC Organization of cytoplasm across space and time

Elias Barriga

TUD PoL Biophysical Mechanisms of Morphogenesis

Catherina Becker © Magdalena Gonciarz

Catherina G. Becker

TUD CRTD Neural Development and Regeneration

Michael Brand

TUD CRTD, TUD PoL Development and Regeneration of the Vertebrate Brain

Henrik Bringmann

TUD BIOTEC How to regenerate during sleep

Jan Brugués

TUD PoL Self-organization of living matter


Frank Buchholz

TUD Medical Campus Functional genomics & Genome Surgery


Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Federico Calegari

TUD CRTD Proliferation and Differentiation of Neural Stem Cells

Otger Campàs

TUD PoL Physics of Embryonic Self-Organization and Morphogenesis

Denis Corbeil

TUD BIOTEC Organization and Dynamics of Plasma Membrane Protrusions: From Cell Biology to Regenerative Therapy

© Kirsten Lassig

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Christian Dahmann

TUD Biology, TUD PoL Signals and mechanics in epithelial morphogenesis

© Humboldt Foundation

Miki Ebisuya

TUD PoL Cross-species comparison and manipulation of the organoid zoo

Anthony Gavalas

TUD PLID Stem Cells in Pancreas Development and Disease

Alexander Gerbaulet

TUD Medical Campus Hematopoietic stem cell homeostasis and regulation

Hanno Glimm

TUD Medical Campus Translational Medical Oncology: Understanding and targeting alterations in cancer

© TUD CMCB, M. Gonciarz

Alf Honigmann

TUD BIOTEC Membrane organization of cells and tissues

Marcus Jahnel

TUD PoL, TUD BIOTEC Dynamics of Biomolecules

Lydia Kalafati

TUD Medical Campus Inflammation-mediated Regulation of Myelopoiesis


Gerd Kempermann

DZNE, TUD CRTD Adult neurogenesis

© TUD CMCB, Magdalena Gonciarz

Nils Kröger

TUD B CUBE, TUD PoL Biomineralization, Bioadhesion, Nano-Biotechnology


Nikolay Ninov

TUD CRTD, TUD PLID In vivo regeneration of β-cells as a future therapy for T1D

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Nikolaos Perakakis

TUD PLID Mechanisms controlling energy homeostasis in health and in metabolic diseases

Ingo Roeder

TUD Medical Campus Systems biology with applications in medicine, (stem) cell and developmental biology

Tatiana Sandoval Guzmán

TUD PLID, TUD Medical Campus Vertebrate tissue repair and regeneration

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Michele Solimena

TUD PLID Cell Biology of Pancreatic Beta Cells and Pathogenesis of Diabetes

Currently Recruiting (call is closed)

Charlotte Steenblock

TUD Medical Campus Adrenal stem cells and their role in stress


Jared Sterneckert

TUD CRTD iPS Cells and Neurodegenerative Diseases


Francis Stewart

TUD BIOTEC, TUD PoL Epigenetic regulation and genomic engineering

Attila Tóth

TUD MTZ Genome integrity in the mammalian germline: recombination and checkpoints during gametogenesis

Alexander Wurm

TUD Medical Campus The interplay between non-coding RNAs and the epigenome – a map for precision oncology?

Xingbo Yang

TUD PoL Bioenergetics of Self-Organization


Maximina Yun

TUD CRTD Regeneration of Complex Structures in Adult Vertebrates