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PhD Positions

Recruiting Group Leaders

Currently the following group leaders intend to take part in the PhD Fall Selection 2020 (this list might change due to changes in the groups’ funding situations, please check back regularly for updated information).

For more details see also the list of open projects.

Michael Bachmann

Biomedicine / Regenerative and Degenerative Biology Tumorimmunology

Martin Bornhäuser

Biomedicine Biology of adult stem cells: clinical relevance for leukemia and stem cell transplantation

Stefan R. Bornstein

Biomedicine Intercellular crosstalk in the endocrine system

Ünal Coskun

Biomedicine / Biochemistry Membrane Biochemistry of Cell Signaling

Stefan Diez

Bioengineering and Biomaterials / Biophysics Molecular transport in cell biology and nanotechnology

Natalie Dye

Biomedicine / Biophysics Biophysics of epithelial growth and tumorigenesis

Mohamed Elgendy

Biomedicine Metabolic alterations in cancer

Karim Fahmy

Biophysics Structural basis of biological switches and biomolecular recognition


Anke Fuchs

Biomedicine Development of Advanced Cellular Therapeutics

Tatyana Grinenko

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology Mechanisms of somatic mutations in HSCs during hematological stresses

Henning Morawietz

Biomedicine Endothelium and cardiovascular diseases

© Jan Greune

Felix Müller-Planitz

Biochemistry / Biophysics Chromatin: its biogenesis and its cellular functions

Anna Poetsch

Biomedicine / Computational Biology Genome specificity of DNA damage and mutagenesis

Yael Politi

Bioengineering and Biomaterials Chitin based biological materials and biomineralization

Tilman Rachner

Biomedicine / Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology Metabolic and signalling pathways as targets for personalized cancer therapies in breast and prostate cancer

Mirko Schmidt

Biomedicine / Biochemistry Understanding the brain and curing its diseases

Michele Solimena

Biomedicine Cell Biology of Pancreatic Beta Cells


Stephan Speier

Biomedicine Islet of Langerhans Physiology in the Pathogenesis and Therapy of Diabetes

Anna Taubenberger

Bioengineering and Biomaterials / Biophysics Oncomechanics