Dresden International Graduate School for Biomedicine and Bioengineering

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Internship Offers 2018

Group Location Project Title Duration Required course of study
Marius Ader TUD CRTD Photoreceptor transplantation: How do donor and host photoreceptors communicate? 12 weeks Life Science
Olaf Bergmann TUD CRTD Evaluation of optogenetic tools to pace the heart 12 weeks Life Science, Medicine
Lutz Brusch TUD ZIH Modeling and simulation of tissue regeneration 10–12 weeks Physics, Computer Science, or Mathematics
Frank Buchholz TUD BIOTEC Targeting cancer mutations with CRISPR/Cas9 12 weeks Life Science, Medicine
Federico Calegari TUD CRTD Control of mammalian neurogenesis 12 weeks Life Science
Carlo Cannistraci TUD BIOTEC Identification of module hierarchy across different thresholds and automatic threshold selection in PC-corr network 12 weeks Engineering, Computer Science
Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich TUD BIOTEC Volume measurement of cells through fluorescence exclusion during AFM measurements 12 weeks Physics, Life Science
Kaomei Guan TUD MTZ The generation of stable iPSC lines expressing tetracycline inducible Cas9 12 weeks Life Science
Thorsten-Lars Schmidt TUD cfaed Enzymatic error correction in genes assembled from error-containing oligonucleotides 3 months Life Science

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