Dresden International Graduate School for Biomedicine and Bioengineering

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Group Location Project Title Duration (weeks) Required course of study
Michael Brand TUD CRTD Application of CRISPR/Cas-mediated mutagenesis to understand neuronal regeneration in zebrafish 12 Life Science
Lutz Brusch TUD ZIH Modeling and simulation of tissue regeneration 10–12 Biophysics
Frank Buchholz TUD BIOTEC Utilizing CRISR/Cas9 to cut gene amplifications in cancer cells 10–12 Life Science, Medicine
Federico Calegari CRTD Control of mammalian neurogenesis 12 Life Science
Stefan Diez TUD B CUBE Biophysical reconstitution of multi-motor, bidirectional transport systems 12 Life Science, Physics, Engineering
Gerhard Rödel TUD Biology The Role of the S. cerevisiae Sco2p and Its Homologues in Antioxidant Defense and Redox Homeostasis 8–12 weeks Life Science
James Sáenz TUD B CUBE (1) Bridging the RNA and lipid worlds on the path to life

Bridging the RNA and lipid worlds on the path to life

This project aims understand how RNA-lipid interactions could have contributed to the emergence of cellular life by constructing and studying the interactions of small membrane-binding RNAs with synthetic membranes.

(2) From ancient lipids to synthetic life

From ancient lipids to synthetic life

This project aims to understand the design principles for a minimal cell membrane by examining lipidomic remodeling and membrane sensing in bacterial model membrane systems.

12 Life Science, Biophysics
Michele Solimena PLID Regulation of insulin granule turnover 10–12 (or longer) Life Science
Axel Voigt TUD Mathematics Phenomena in active systems with hydrodynamic interactions 10–12 Physics, Mathematics
Igor Zlotnikov TUD B CUBE (1) Nanomechanical characterization of wood cell walls
(2) Nanomechanical analysis of mineral-organic composites in marine organisms under environmental control
12 Engineering, Life Science

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