Dresden International Graduate School for Biomedicine and Bioengineering

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PhD Positions

Recruiting Group Leaders

Currently the following group leaders intend to take part in the PhD Fall Selection 2018 (other group leaders might decide later on to participate, please check back regularly for updated information):

Hayder Amin

Biomedicine / Bioengineering and Biomaterials

Plasticity Models for Aging and Neurodegeneration

Michael Brand

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology / Regenerative and Degenerative Biology

Development and Regeneration of the Vertebrate Brain


Frank Buchholz

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology / Biomedicine

Functional genomics in mammalian cells: applications to cancer- and stem cell- biology


Volker Busskamp

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology / Bioengineering and Biomaterials

Engineering synthetic human neuronal circuits

Denis Corbeil

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology / Biomedicine

Organization and Dynamics of Plasma Membrane Protrusions: From Cell Biology to Regenerative Therapy

Ünal Coskun

Biomedicine / Biochemistry

Membrane Biochemistry of Cell Signaling

Benjamin Friedrich

Biophysics / Computational Biology

Biological Algorithms: Spatio-temporal dynamics of cells and tissues


Anthony Gavalas

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology

Cell fate decisions of pancreas progenitor and stem cells

© Simon Lämmle

Kaomei Guan


Application of patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells in disease modelling

© Stephan Wiegand

Rolf Jessberger

Biomedicine / Biochemistry

Chromosome Dynamics and Hematopoietic Cell Biology

© Magdalena Gonciarz

Jörg Mansfeld

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology / Biochemistry

Proteolysis in Cell Cycle and Cell Fate Decisions: How Ubiquitylation Coordinates Proliferation and Differentiation

M. Teresa Pisabarro

Computational Biology

Computational approaches to functional genomics and rational engineering for target/drug discovery and biotechnology innovation

Axel Roers


Mechanisms controlling immune responses

Bernd Schröder

Biomedicine / Biochemistry

Proteolytic control of membrane trafficking and signal transduction


Stephan Speier


Islet Cell Physiology


Jared Sterneckert

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology / Biomedicine

iPS Cells and Neurodegenerative Disease

Attila Tóth

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology

Genome integrity in the mammalian germline: recombination and checkpoints during gametogenesis

Ben Wielockx


The role of oxygen sensors during physiological and pathological processes in mice