Dresden International Graduate School for Biomedicine and Bioengineering

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Recruiting Group Leaders

The following group leaders intend to take part in the Spring Selection 2018:


Marius Ader

Biomedicine, Regenerative Biology

Development of cell-based therapies for the treatment of retinopathies


Frank Buchholz

Developmental & Cell Biology, Biomedicine

Functional genomics in mammalian cells: applications to cancer- and stem cell- biology

Stefan Diez

Biophysics, Bioengineering & Biomaterials

Molecular transport in cell biology and nanotechnology


Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich


Active rheology of the cytoskeleton


Anthony Gavalas

Developmental & Cell Biology

Cell fate decisions of pancreas progenitor and stem cells

Stephan Grill


Motor Systems

© Stephan Wiegand

Rolf Jessberger


Chromosome Dynamics and Hematopoietic Cell Biology


Karsten Kretschmer


Molecular and Cellular Immunology/Focus Immune Regulation

© Magdalena Gonciarz

Jörg Mansfeld

Developmental & Cell Biology

Proteolysis in Cell Cycle and Cell Fate Decisions: How Ubiquitylation Coordinates Proliferation and Differentiation

M. Teresa Pisabarro

Computational Biology

Computational approaches to functional genomics and rational engineering for target/drug discovery and biotechnology innovation

Axel Roers


Mechanisms controlling immune responses

Michael Schlierf

Biophysics, Bioengineering & Biomaterials

Conformational changes in biomolecules and enzymes

Michele Solimena


Cell Biology of Pancreatic Beta Cells

Attila Tóth

Developmental & Cell Biology

Genome integrity in the mammalian germline: recombination and checkpoints during gametogenesis

© Katrin Boes

Axel Voigt

Computational Biology

Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Cells and Systems

Brigitte Voit

Bioengineering & Biomaterials

Synthesis and characterization of functionalized polymers

Ben Wielockx


The role of oxygen sensors during physiological and pathological processes in mice