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PhD Seminar “Adult pancreas stem cells: Fact not fiction?”

CMCB PhD Seminar on Friday, November 11th at the CRTD auditorium

Human Embryonic Stem Cells (by Nissim Benvenisty via Wikimedia Commons)
Image: “Human Embryonic Stem Cells” by Nissim Benvenisty [CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Adult stem cells might be the echo of times past or in other words vestiges of the embryonic development. They play key roles in organ maintenance and function but they often constitute elusive entities. Such case in question is the adult pancreas. It can respond to different insults or metabolic stimuli to repair damage and regulate the numbers of cells of all lineages constituting the organ. A large number of studies have demonstrated beyond doubt its plasticity but failed to identify a dedicated stem cell population. We will present data suggesting the identification of such population.

Speakers: Anthony Gavalas, Ekaterina Mameishvilli (DIGS-BB Predoc)

Friday, 11th of November 2016, 4 pm
CRTD, left auditorium