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Video: A day in the lab with DIGS-BB student Laura

“Discover TUD” YouTube channel presents “At work with … Laura Celotto”

Young scientist, wearing a lab coat and a face mask, looking at zebrafish tanks

How fish can repair their retinas. Laura Celotto, a DIGS-BB PhD student in the Michael Brand Group, talks about her research in a video on the recently installed YouTube channel Discover TU Dresden. It’s the first video in the new series “At work with …”.

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Laura started her PhD in December 2018. Last year she has been given a DIGS-BB Fellow Award for her outstanding performance during the first year of her PhD.

On the channel, new videos will be published on a weekly basis, currently in three series:

  • At work with …  – focuses on showing the daily work of TU Dresden employees, both scientific and non-scientific.
  • Good question – a societally relevant question addressed interdisciplinarily by TU Dresden scientists
  • Hot seat – discussing ins and outs of certain occupations and study courses at the TUD