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Research price for the prevention of blindness goes to DIGS-BB PhD students

Three CRTD researchers including two DIGS-BB PhD students receive the Makula (MD)-Forschungspreis

Eye close-up in black and white with coloured retina
Eye close-up, taken from (author: burak kostak)

The DIGS-BB PhD students Sílvia Llonch and Tiago Santos-Ferreira together with fellow researcher Oliver Borsch, all of them working in the group of Marius Ader, have been awarded the Makula (MD)-Forschungspreis 2017 of PRO RETINA Deutschland. The research price for the prevention of blindness was issued during the Congress of the Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft (DOG) last Saturday in Berlin. The team received the award for their joint publication on “Retinal Transplantation of Photoreceptors Results in Donor-Host Cytoplasmic Exchange” (Nature Communications, 4 October 2016).

Source: CRTD