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DIGS-BB Graduate Paul Müller receives Commerzbank Price

The price honours Paul’s dissertation on “Optical Diffraction Tomography for Single Cells”

Prof. Gerhard Rödel, Dr. Felix Krujatz, Dr. Paul Müller, Burkhard von der Osten (Commerzbank)
DIGS-BB graduate Paul Müller receives the Commerzbank price for outstanding dissertation. From left to right: Prof. Gerhard Rödel, Dr. Felix Krujatz, Dr. Paul Müller, Burkhard von der Osten (Commerzbank) © privat

On June 30th 2017, the dissertation price of the Commerzbank and the Dr.-Walter-Seipp-Preis for outstan- ding dissertations of young academics of the TU Dresden has been awarded. One of the awardees was Dr. Paul Müller, postdoc at the Biotechnology Center of the TU Dresden (BIOTEC) and DIGS-BB Graduate. He has been awarded a dissertation price of the Commerzbank and 1,000 Euro price money.

Dr. Paul Müller earned his doctorate at the BIOTEC on the topic “Optical Diffraction Tomography for Single Cells”. In contrast to classical computer tomography, which is used to obtain 3D reconstructions of tissues with x-ray radiation, his work addresses the 3D reconstruction of single cells with light.

“The award is reassuring and motivates me to continue my scientific work. I am grateful to be awarded a prize for outstanding science”, says Paul Müller. “Especially interesting to me is the description of biophysical processes with the help of algorithms and computer models. In the group of Prof. Jochen Guck, my doctoral advisor, several such research approaches exist, ranging from microfluidics to atomic force microscopy. I am very much looking forward to my future in the field of academic sciences”, he continues.

The prices are donated by the Commerzbank AG and were awarded this year for the 21st time. The associated Dr.-Walter-Seipp-Preis exists for 20 years. Dr. Walter Seipp was the chairman and executive chairman of the Commerzbank for many years.