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Not only smart: Our PhD students are great cooks as well

Three people tasting dishes done by our PhD students

For the 2nd time the wonderful event “Dresden isst bunt” took place. There were tables all over the picturesque Neumarkt next to the famous Frauenkirche. International residents of Dresden were offering food from all over the world and the stories behind them. Many of the DIGS-BB students participated with delights such as Egyptian Mesa’a’ah (Stewed Eggplant), Aloo Parantha (potatoe-filled bread from India), Grandma’s Russian Apple Pie, Indian Egg Biryani, Red Whine Cake from Rhineland-Palatinate, and many more.

“Dresden isst bunt” literally means “Dresden eats colourful” but is also a pun on “Dresden ist bunt” which means “Dresden is colourful”. The event is supposed to display an open-mindedness in the City.

See the Facebook page of our International Office for more pictures