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Symposium Biological Making of Materials

Sep 2023

B CUBE | (Keynote will be held at the Hygiene-Museum!)


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Refined over millions of years of evolution, biological materials such as bone, wood and shells are of spectacular beauty and teach us the principles of material design and synthesis. Biological materials are inherently multifunctional and display diverse material properties that we cannot yet reproduce by synthetic routes. They are often composed of a remarkably small number of simple building blocks which are hierarchically structured. The function and properties of biogenic materials depend on the controlled organization of those building blocks at multiple scales which is brought about by the action of the organism’s processing machinery. Understanding the design and production of biological materials (learning from nature) is pivotal to develop new fabrication strategies for the manufacturing of advanced materials with structure and properties mimicking biogenic materials with high precision.

This DIGS-BB Summer School, primarily aimed at Master’s and advanced Bachelor’s students, brings together local experts from the PoL, CRTD, BIOTEC, B CUBE, Faculty of Biology, as well as MPI-CBG, IPF, and IFW with renowned external scientists in the field of biomaterial research and interested students. The school will consist of scientific talks, methods lectures and hands-on sessions in participating labs. The 5-day program includes ample time for stimulating discussion and social activities, and is tailored to foster interdisciplinary collaboration which is a hallmark of the Dresden Science and Innovation campus.

In this summer school, which will focus on how organisms control and tune their properties, you will learn about the fundamental principles underlying the formation of diverse biological materials and you will be introduced to many advanced tools used to investigate them. Moreover, the school will provide insight into how the architecture and hierarchical organization of biological materials can inspire the design of novel and sustainable materials.

For more information on the program and the speakers, visit the
Official Website of the Summer School “Biological Making of Materials”