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Principles of Light Microscopy – Course for DIPP Students

Sep 2022

by Aug 15, 2022

CRTD | Seminar Rooms 1 + 2


A person in a lab suit, looking through a microscope
© Pexels, Artem Podrez

We are very pleased to announce our first Principles of Light Microscopy course for DIPP PhD students organized with the support of microscopy experts from the BIOTEC, CRTD, B CUBE and PoL.


26–30 September 2022 (every day from 9:00–18:00 – full-time!)

What does the course cover?

  • Basics of bright field microscopy
  • Contrast techniques (phase contrast, DIC, dark field, polarized light, basics of fluorescence)
  • Digital imaging using scientific cameras (CCD, sCMOS) will be covered along with a very basic introduction to confocal microscopy and other optical sectioning methods.

Find a more detailed overview of the course topics on the registration website.


Register online – Registration deadline: Mon 15 Aug 2022
The number of participants will be limited to 20
Registered PhD students will be informed as soon as possible after the deadline whether a slot in the LMF course could be assigned to them.
Please don’t forget to consult with your supervisor before registering to the course.


Full attendance: Please note that if you want to join the course, you are expected to dedicate your time fully to this course, to be present during the whole course and not to plan any additional activities during the schedule of the course. Therefore, please apply only if you can ensure full attendance throughout the week.


The DIGS-BB will cover the cost of all participating (ca. 500 Euros / participant) in this first course. For future courses, the cost might be shared with the respective group leader.

You can find more information about the content and structure of the course in the registration link.

Guidelines for participation

  • We expect course participants to participate with dedication and regularity.
  • If the course cannot be attended as originally planned, registration must be formally cancelled so that candidates on the waiting list can be included.
  • Non-attendance without formal cancellation, or irregular participation without an acceptable excuse is considered as unexcused absence.
  • We may consider further training requests from participants who did not comply with above mentioned points with low priority.
  • For DIPP students, successfully completed courses will be officially recognized and certified by the instructor and the PhD Program Office.
  • Participants are expected to contribute to the evaluation and further development of the course by completing an evaluation questionnaire.