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Manu Prakash: Frugal Science

Tue, 19 March 2019

4:00 pm — 5:00 pm

MPI-CBG | Large Auditorium

DIPP PhD Students

DIPP Vision Talk

Science faces an accessibility challenge. Although information/knowledge is fast becoming available to everyone around the world, the experience of science is significantly limited. One approach to solving this challenge is to democratize access to scientific tools. To do this, we will explore the philosophy of Frugal Science, which inspires the design, development, and deployment of ultra-affordable yet powerful scientific tools for the masses.

Using examples from my work (Foldscope, Paperfuge), I will share the the process of identifying challenges, designing solutions, and deploying tools globally to enable open ended scientific curiosity/inquiries in communities around the world. By connecting the dots between science education, global health and environmental monitoring, I will explore the role of “simple” tools in advancing access to better human and planetary health in a resource limited world.

Read this article on Wired from January 2017 about the Paperfuge