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Portrait Tzi-Yang Lin

© Magdalena Gonciarz

The best things about the DIGS-BB are the interdisciplinary training and the interactions among students. I believe that these aspects are fundamental for cool science.

Tzi-Yang Lin | PhD student in Elly Tanaka Group since 2013

Do you wanna learn the way to do awesome science? Come to Dresden and join DIGS-BB.

David Opavsky | PhD student in Rolf Jessberger Group since 2014

Portrait Ramya Ravindranathan

What I like the most about DIGS-BB PhD program is how it has an international and dynamic work environment, providing students with access to state-of-the-art research facilities and exceptional resources. Every single student’s intellectual potential can be fully explored owing to the rigorous training and constant mentorship one gets from program.

Ramya Ravindranathan | PhD student in Attila Tóth Group since 2015

Portrait Mansi Gupta

My entire stay in Dresden for PhD was thoroughly enjoyable. The program was very supportive for international students and helped a lot, especially in my initial years in Germany. Dresden is a fantastic place for science, with amazing new standards of research and efficiency.

Mansi Gupta | PhD in Michael Brand Group, CRTD – graduated in 2014

I much appreciate the courses, practicals and special events (e.g. Career Day) organized by the DIPP. They widened my view about things and connected me with people I otherwise would not got to know.

Robert Wieduwild | PhD in Yixin Zhang Group, B CUBE – graduated in 2014

I am deeply grateful to be a graduate of the Dresden International PhD Program and for experiencing how science can overcome any cultural differences.

Anja Marciniak | PhD in Stephan Speier Group, CRTD – graduated in 2014

Asking our PIs

  1. Why should a graduate become a DIGS-BB PhD students? Why should they join the PhD program?
  2. What makes a strong PhD application? What do you look for when selecting a candidate?

M. Teresa Pisabarro

  1. Because of the internationality and recognition, the benefit of belonging to a group, the courses and other program benefits.
  2. Many things: academic record, previous experience, personality. Intelligence and interest.
M. Teresa Pisabarro group page
Portrait Thorsten-Lars Schmidt

Thorsten-Lars Schmidt

  1. Simply because it is one of the best PhD programs I have seen so far.
  2. Once you made it through the prescreening and sit in my office, I do not care much about your grades or certificates anymore. I also do not expect you to know everything, but hope you have interesting questions on what we do.
Thorsten-Lars Schmidt group page
Portrait Michele Solimena

Michele Solimena

  1. Excellent scientific mentorship on key questions by an outstanding international faculty of scientists.
  2. Evidence of curiosity, creativity, intellectual leadership.
Michele Solimena group page

Article about the DIGS-BB in Scientia magazine

Read the article DIGS-BB: Setting the Standard for Modern PhD Training, published in Scientia magazine issue 110:
Download PDF file (605 KB)

The first page of the article about the DIGS-BB in Scientia issue #110
The first page of the article about the DIGS-BB, featured in issue #110 of the Scientia mag

Predoc Projects

This section is about special projects our PhD students pursue outside of their thesis work. They are not DIGS-BB projects – but we are amazed by them and thus want to share them with you.

Portrait of Science

Portrait of Science is a wonderful project created and pursued by the DIGS-BB PhD student Magdalena Gonciarz. You’ll find portraits of scientists from all over the Biopolis campus: group leaders, predocs, technicians, master students, … The pictures are always being accompanied by a brief and personal interview.


“Portrait of Science” by Magdalena Gonciarz
“Portrait of Science” – a project by Magdalena Gonciarz