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Recruiting Group Leaders

Currently the following group leaders intend to take part in the PhD Spring Selection 2020 (other group leaders might decide later on to participate, please check back regularly for updated information):

© Katrin Boes

Simon Alberti

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology / Biochemistry Organization of cytoplasm across space and time

Hayder Amin

Biomedicine / Bioengineering and Biomaterials Plasticity Models for Aging and Neurodegeneration

Ünal Coskun

Biomedicine / Biochemistry Membrane Biochemistry of Cell Signaling

Alexander Dalpke

Biomedicine Infection & Immunity, Microbiome Studies

Stefan Diez

Biophysics / Bioengineering and Biomaterials Molecular transport in cell biology and nanotechnology


Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich

Biophysics Active rheology of the cytoskeleton


Anthony Gavalas

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology / Regenerative and Degenerative Biology Stem Cells in Pancreas Development and Disease

© Stephan Wiegand

Rolf Jessberger

Biomedicine / Biochemistry Chromosome Dynamics and Hematopoietic Cell Biology


Gerd Kempermann

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology / Biomedicine Adult neurogenesis

Natalia Rodríguez Muela

Biomedicine / Regenerative and Degenerative Biology Selective neuronal vulnerability in neurodegenerative diseases

Bernd Schröder

Biomedicine / Biochemistry Proteolytic control of membrane trafficking and signal transduction

Michele Solimena

Biomedicine Cell Biology of Pancreatic Beta Cells

Tomohisa Toda

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology / Biomedicine Nuclear architecture in the long-term maintenance of brain function and brain aging

Attila Tóth

Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology Genome integrity in the mammalian germline: recombination and checkpoints during gametogenesis

© Katrin Boes

Axel Voigt

Computational Biology Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Cells and Systems