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Personal Information | Referees

In the 1st part of our Online Application you’ll need to give personal and contact information and contact details of two referees. We recommend register early and contact your referees well in advance to grant your referees sufficient time for submitting their recommendation.

Your referees will be invited via email to submit an online recommendation. You will be informed on a submitted recommendation but will not see the recommendation itself.

Complete Application Forms

Education | Research Experience | Research Interests

After submission of your registration you’ll get immediate access to the 2nd part of our online application, the actual application forms:

  • CV (educational and professional activities)
  • Research experience, expertise, awards
  • Research interests and preferences
  • Document upload (e.g. university certificates, transcripts of marks, and – recommended but not mandatory – TOEFL or IELTS results, GRE examination results; for ongoing studies, please provide the latest transcript, respectively a temporary confirmation of the results obtained so far.)
  • If necessary: contact data for up to two additional referees

You can save, revise, and edit the data at any time until the application deadline or until you submitted your application.

Submit Your Online Application

Be Aware of the Application Deadline!

Once you’ve completed all the application forms and we have received at least two reference letters (you will be notified about submitted references) you will be able to submit your application.

Wait for Evaluation Results

Multilevel Evaluation Process to Shortlist

Eligible applications will proceed to evaluation.

  • In a multilevel evaluation process we take into account the applicants’ national education system and research experience. These steps are carried out by internal experts of the respective educational system and research field.
  • Qualified applications are recommended to faculty members for further assessment.
  • Short phone or video phone interviews might be requested in unclear cases.
  • Shortlist: Faculty jointly shortlist candidates to be invited for the interview week in Dresden. Invitations are sent approximately 4–5 weeks before the interview week.

Interview Week in Dresden

Admission Committee and Group Leader Interviews

Candidates shortlisted in the evaluation will be invited for the interview week. We will reimburse the candidates’ travel costs and provide accommodation for the week.

  • Monday: Arrival, welcome reception, group leader presentations, applicants poster session
  • Tuesday: Admission Committee interview (30 min) for each candidate (textbook knowledge and deeper evaluation of the candidates’ qualification for entering the program). Every candidate who passes the Admission Committee interview is in principle eligible to join the program and will proceed to the interviews with group leader
  • Wednesday & Thursday: Group leader interviews and lab visits
  • Friday: Finalizing interviews, resolving open questions and communication of results


Offers and Start of Thesis Work for Successful Candidates

Offers of admission to join the DIGS-BB within the Dresden International PhD Program (DIPP) are made by the end of the interview week. Admission is granted by the Dean based on the results of the Admission Committee and the group leader interviews. In general, offers include the affiliation to a defined research group.

The individual starting date will be agreed on with the primary supervisor. For the Spring Selection, the latest starting date is 1 October of the year of admission. For the Fall Selection, the latest starting date is 1 March of the year following the year of admission.

PhD Spring Selection 2019

register until
6 December 2018 23:59 CET (GMT+1)

submit until
16 December 2018 23:59 CET (GMT+1)

Interview week in Dresden:
11–14 March 2019