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PhD Positions

Admission  Procedure

Admission is competitive and based solely on scientific qualification and potential and ensures the recruitment of only the highest qualified candidates in a fair and transparent manner.


Eligible applications will proceed to evaluation. The first evaluation takes into account the applicants’ national education system, and is carried out by internal experts of the respective educational system. Additionally, we may conduct phone or skype interviews during the evaluation process. Qualified applications are recommended to faculty members for further assessment. They jointly short-list the candidates to be invited for the interview week in Dresden. Invitations are sent approximately 4–5 weeks before the interview week.

The interview week in Dresden

The Monday of the interview week is reserved for arrival and welcome and presentations by group leaders and applicants. On Tuesday, the Admission Committees interview each candidate for 30 minutes. These interviews cover general knowledge questions according to the applicant’s scientific discipline and evaluate the candidates’ qualification for entering our program. Candidates who pass the Admission Committees are in principle eligible to be admitted and will proceed to the interviews with the group leaders on Wednesday and Thursday combined with lab visits. Finalizing interviews and resolving open questions are scheduled for Friday morning, and the results will be communicated in the afternoon. Full details of the interview week will be sent to invited candidates only.

Participation in the interview week is indispensable if you wish to be considered for admission to the DIGS-BB.

Offers of admission

Offers of admission to join the DIGS-BB within the Dresden International PhD Program (DIPP) are made by the end of the interview week. Admission is granted by the Dean based on the results of the Admission Committee and the group leader interviews. In general, offers include the affiliation to a defined research group.

Start of PhD thesis work

The individual starting date will be agreed on with the primary supervisor. For the spring selection, the latest starting date is October 1st of the year of admission. For the fall selection, the latest starting date is March 1st of the year following the year of admission.

PhD Spring Selection 2018


Interview week in Dresden:
5–9 March 2018

PhD Fall Selection 2018

opens 26 March 2018
closes 16 July 2018

Interview week in Dresden:
17 – 21 September 2018